Data Quality

Aurora’s clients sometimes need help with cleaning up their data. This may be because they are moving to a new computer system, or because they want to have up-to-date information about their clients for regulatory reporting, for mailings, or because they want to link their data across multiple systems.

We can analyze data, provide reports showing where there are potential problems, and work with the client to design a plan for implementing the required changes. We have a variety of software tools available to help us with this process. We are also good at spotting problems due to our extensive experience over many years of doing this, and we can help identify which ones are priorities and which are not.

Case Study

Our client, an investment manager, needed to clean their static (client and securities) data. We analysed the data for them, identifying problem areas and working with them to establish priorities to clean the data. We helped them to establish procedures and processes to ensure the quality of their data would remain at a high level.

“A wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of client data.”
Gary Wilkins, COO, Rowan Dartington