Data Integration

Aurora helps clients who are integrating data from two or more systems. We work closely with our client and their software suppliers in order to ensure that the data integrates successfully.

We have a great deal of experience of linking data across systems. For example, in the past, our consultants designed and implemented a financial messaging hub to send and receive information to various internal and external systems, (e.g. CREST, SWIFT, accounting systems). This hub was used by many clients to help them move their information rapidly and accurately.

Case Study

Our client, a stockbroker, was adding a front office performance and analytics system to their existing back and middle office system. We helped them with all aspects of the data for this system integration. This included:

● Data analysis (e.g. seeing who used the data and for what purpose, mapping the data between the systems)
● Data cleaning (e.g. fixing data issues before the systems could work together)
● Data testing and data reconciliation (e.g. checking the data was consistent between the two systems, and produced the expected results in the front office system).

The data covered both static items (e.g. client, securities, accounts) and transactional items (e.g. orders, contracts, valuations).